Cookies Policy

We are on some  pretty simple mission:

To bring you the best promotional codes, deals and coupon codes so you can make the most of your shopping budget.

We strive day in and out  to achieve our targets to bring an average of 2500 offers week to the site, we work with some of thousand different brands and do this all with a team of 25 people here in the USA and located remotely too!

how we use cookies?

When a visitor use one of our coupon code we earn a small amount of commission from the brands we are affiliated with. To achieve this we place small cookie files onto your computer browser when you visit a retailer from our website, if you then go on to buy an item, the cookie identifies you as you going there through our website and we earn our commission.

It’s also very important to know that not everyone pays us a commission, but we’re happy to list their  coupon codes and promotional deals to ensure we care about our visitor genuinely.

Other purposes of using cookies

Along with cookies to ensure we earn our commission we may use cookies during the different processes and for example when someone registers with us for news alerts or newsletter, to personalize the site’s appearance based on your preferences or existing user history and to record statistics insights and user logs. In every instance, we use cookies to make user experience while using as Pleasant as possible.

You can delete and block our cookies, How?

You can delete, block or disable cookies using your browser settings. You can find detailed information on the subject and instructions as to how to do this we suggest you take a look at the

Request for more information

If you would like to know more about, cookies, our business, or any of the issues discussed here feel free to get in touch with us whenever you like.

List of every Dealpromocodes cookies

Related to the Sign Up and the Registration process

Cookie Name Cookie Length Description
cr 2 Years This confirms user registration completion.
fvd Session (until browsing session is closed) This tells us if you have visited our Offers page, to enable us to personalize the experience next time.
shownlightbox 2 Years We set this cookie to make sure not to show sign up form too often. Or not at all if you are already a member.
firstpage Session (lifetime till you close the browser window) This makes us displaying a sign up pop-up if it’s the first page you have visited on our website.
blocklb Session (lifetime till you close the browser window) This enables us to block sign-up pop-ups from displaying if we think your experience would be better like this.
showncookiepopup 2 Years This cookie is makes sure not to display cookies policy pop up again.
lb Session (lifetime till you close the browser window) This cookie enables us to provide personalized recommendations.
udid 2 Years This cookie stores data to remember to you as a user.
codefront Session (lifetime till you close the browser window) Provide deep insights of your selected voucher.
newrecoff 1 day Keep track of recommended offers which has not been seen or used.
newsavoff 1 day Keep track of saved but not used recommendations.

Logging Sessions and cookies

Cookie Name Cookie Length Description
vcs Session(lifetime till you close the browser window) This cookie stores encrypted data that is used to secure log in and out process.

Related to site optimization and testing

Cookie Name Cookie Length Description
_wotst_ 1 Year Holds test information used to consistently show you the same test variation, e.g. always see Version B of a sign-up box.
_wotsnit_ 1 Year This cookie is used to identify which test variations your are not participating in.
vid 2 Years This cookie stores your visitor ID. If applicable we allocate a visitor ID to you.
i 1 Week Holds information on where your sessions originated from.
t 1 Week Holds additional information in an encrypted format about where your session started from.
s 1 Week Provide us tracking records for our marketing channels.
p 1 Week This cookie tells us the last type which type of page you visited last time.
NREUM Session (lifetime till you close the browser window) This cookie enable us to measure the site and page speed and track any errors may occur at any point.
uc 1 Day Only used on some vouchers to provide you with the correct voucher code.
ucoid 1 Day Only used on some vouchers to provide you with the correct voucher cod
vc-back-voucher-[99999] 1 Day This cookie is used to check which voucher code is being used successfully.

 Google Analytics and Website Optimizer Related Cookies

Google Analytics is a service that provide us the insight of visitors, users and audience to track the use of our website . All the data is aggregated and anonymised meaning you cannot be identified personally. Website Optimizer allows us to test changes to our website before publishing to the public use. It uses cookies to ensure that your experience is consistent as we test these changes.

The following cookies are set on the site using JavaScript provided by from Google Analytics.

Cookie Name Cookie Length Description
__utma 2 Years This keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site, when their first visit was, and when their last visit occurred.
__utmb 3 Minutes Holds time stamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor first visits the website.
__utmc Session (until browser is closed) Holds time stamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor terminates the session
__utmv 2 Years Stores information used within Analytics to identify if the user is a part of a custom segment.
__utmx 2 Years Stores data pertaining to particular Website Optimizer test a user is part of.
__utmz 6 Months Keep track of users coming from different traffic channels and search engines..
s_vi 2 Years Keep track of session activities and log information.


Affiliate Links and Cookies

When we redirect you from our website to any of our retailers ‘  website the chances are you’ll do so using an affiliate link. These links and the cookies they set, ensure that we earn our commission when you purchase from the retailer and in turn we provide  the flawless  execution of operation on  our website.